Servo Control Solutions for Industry 4.0

Arcus Servo Motion develops machine automation products with innovative servo control technology and intelligent motion analytics for preventative maintenance.



Universal Motion Control


Motion EDGE Analytics

Servo 5.0

New Era in Servo Intelligence

TITAN has many advanced servo control feature and sets the foundation for the Servo 5.0 standard.

2ndSight Technology applies Machine Learning, Physics, and Special Algorithms to obtain a comprehensive state of any motion system that is critical to the efficient running of a manufacturing line.

Servo 5.0 is a new era in servo evolution where intelligence and connectivity are required in servo control products.

Featured Products

Servo Core Module for OEM Motion Control


The TITAN-CRX-8 is a compact single-axis servo driver/controller module for custom motor control applications.



The TITAN-IMX is an all-in-one motor with an integrated servo driver, controller, and encoder.

single axis servo driver controller with USB communication


The TITAN-NXS-SCX is a standalone single-axis closed-loop servo driver/controller that supports USB and RS485 communication.

Take the Next Step

We offer special evaluation kits that include everything you need to run your motion system and assess the performance and quality of TITAN.

Stepper motor with motor driver and controller
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