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Core Based Servo Controllers

The TITAN Core Based Servo Controllers are single-axis servo core modules ideal for customized, cost-sensitive, and high-volume OEM applications. Single-board options allow for multi-axis solutions all equipped with TITAN technology and 2ndSight motion analytics.

Servo Motor Core Module

1-Axis Micro Servo Controller

2-Axis Servo Control Platform

4-Axis Servo Control Platform

Nexus Micro Servo Controllers

The TITAN Nexus Series features a closed loop servo pulse driver and standalone controller. Smaller in size yet powered by the advanced motion control features of TITAN, the Nexus Series is an excellent value for controlling any type of motor.

USB, RS485 Micro Servo Motor Controller

USB Micro Servo Motor Pulse Driver

TITAN SVX Series | Universal Servo Motor Controllers

The TITAN SVX Series is the latest generation of standalone servo motor controllers with universal motor support and various communication options. TITAN Technology ensures powerful and efficient motion control coupled with unprecedented advances in reliable preventative maintenance using 2ndSight Edge Intelligence, our patented machine learning algorithm that monitors motor system health using existing servo drive variables.

Ethernet, USB, RS485 Servo Controller

Dual Ethernet, USB Servo Controller

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Servo Controller

Integrated Servo Motors

The TITAN-IMX Series offers an all-in-one solution that integrates the motor, driver, encoder, and controller into one compact unit. Available in a range of motor sizes and types (stepper and servo), the TITAN-IMX motors are a comprehensive solution to simplify your motion control needs using the latest advances in servo technology.

Integrated Servo Motors

Motor Resources

Arcus Servo Motion offers a range of stepper servo motors. We carry NEMA 17, 23, 24, and 34 size hybrid stepper motors with single, double, and triple stack options.

Stepper Servo Motors

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