Micro Servo Controller

Servo Core Module for Universal Motor Control

The TITAN-CRX-8 is a single-axis servo core module for customized, cost-sensitive, and high-volume OEM applications.

USB RS485 2nd Sight Ready
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TITAN-CRX-8 | Servo Core Module

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Servo Motion Control Platform

A compact servo control module for customized motor control solutions. Use one for single-axis control or network multiple core modules for multi-axis control.

  • Powerful and Efficient Servo Performance
  • Highly Customizable to Meet Any Motion Control Need
  • Designed for OEM Applications
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use TITAN Software
  • Intelligent. Simple. Powerful. Intuitive.


    Advanced Motion Control Features

    Multi-thread Standalone Programming

    Auto Tuning and Gain Optimization

    Multi-thread Standalone Programming

    Force/Torque Control

    Multi-thread Standalone Programming

    Dynamic/Simplified Gain Settings

    Multi-thread Standalone Programming

    Performance Probing

    Multi-thread Standalone Programming

    Multi-Thread A-Script Programming and Debugging


    2-Pin 1mm Connector for Fan Control
    Easily attach an external fan for continuous high-power motor control

    50-Pin Header for I/O and Communication
    8 TTL Digital Inputs, 3 TTL Digital Outputs, 1 Analog Input with 0-3.3V Range, and 5V Input for Logic Input

    4-Pin 1mm Connector for 2ndSight Port
    Easily share real-time motion analytics data to the cloud to monitor motor system health using existing servo drive variables. Learn More

    34-Pin header for Power and Motor
    Power input with 24 to 48 VDC for motor power

    Servo Core Module for OEM


    • 2 UART Serial Ports for USB/RS485 Communication
    • 1 SPI Port for Ethernet Communication
    • 1 RS485 Port for 2ndSight Communication

    See for Yourself with the TITAN Servo Controller Evaluation Kit

    TITAN-CRX-EVK | Evaluation Kit

    An evaluation kit that helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TITAN-CRX-8 servo core module. The kit includes:

  • 2 x TITAN-CRX-8 Servo Core Modules
  • 1 x Evaluation Board
  • 1 x NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with Encoder
  • TITAN-CRX-EVB Schematics and BOM
  • Slide

    Pins to Access the 5 and 3.3V

    SPI Signals for Ethernet Communication

    Serial Communication Lines for RS485 and USB

    Mini-B USB Connector with Virtual COM for Interface with Windows, Linux, or Mac

    24VDC Input for Logic Power

    4-Pin Connector for Stepper, Brushless, DC, or Voice Coil Motor

    24VDC Input for Motor Power

    15-Pin D-Sub Connector for Differential Encoder Signal Inputs and Hall Inputs

    3 Digital Output Display LEDS

    15-Pin D-Sub Connector for 8 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Ouputs, and 1 Analog Input

    TITAN-CRX-8 Servo Core Module

    3 RGB Lights

    3-Pin Connector for RS485 Communication with 115K Baud Rate

    Potentiometer to Test Analog Input

    Jumper for Analog Input

    8 Digital Input Display LEDs with Dip Switches for Digital Inputs

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    Servo Core Based Motor Controller Boards


    1-Axis Servo Motor Driver/Controller


    2-Axis Servo Motor Driver/Controller


    4-Axis Servo Motor Driver/Controller


    The TITAN-CRX-8 is a single-axis servo core module that is part of the Titan Servo family and is ideal for customized, cost-sensitive, and high-volume OEM applications.

    • Comes with a fan control port for easily attaching an external fan for continuous high-power motor control

    • Comes with many advanced motion control features: Auto Parameter Detection, Auto Tuning, Force/Torque control, and Multi-thread Motion Programming

    • Uses the intuitive and easy-to-use TITAN Software that enables anyone to startup the servo motion system within minutes


    • 50-Pin Header for I/O and Communication
    • 34-Pin Header for Power and Motor
    • 2-pin 1mm Connector for Fan
    • 4-pin 1mm Connector for 2ndSight Communication


    • 2 x UART Serial Ports for USB/RS485 Communication
    • 1 x SPI Port for Ethernet Communication
    • 1 x RS485 for 2ndSight Communication
    • Protocols supported: TITAN-ASCII, MODBUS-ASCII/RTU, MODBUS-TCP


    • 8 x TTL Digital Inputs
    • 3 x TTL Digital Outputs
    • 1 x Analog Input 0-3.3V Range


    • 24 to 48 VDC for Motor Power
    • 5V input for Logic Power


    • Without Fan: 42.2 x 57.2 x 13mm
    • With Fan: 42.2 x 57.2 x 16mm


    • 2ndSight (patent-pending) is an innovative, comprehensive approach of applying Multi-dimensional Machine Learning methods, Analytical Physics, Statistics, and Regression techniques in quantifying and determining the overall health state of any motion system.
    • 2ndSight is a real-time, data-driven, intelligent algorithm that is run on the Edge for increased efficiency and response. 2ndSight's compact and simplified data can easily be shared across networks and to the cloud, in contrast to burdensome, raw motion data.



    Universal Motion Control


    Motion EDGE Analytics

    Servo 5.0

    New Era in Servo Intelligence

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