Why Arcus?

OEMs and industrial automation companies choose Arcus for superior performance and quality, industry leading technologies, a diverse range of products, and dedicated customer support. Arcus specializes in developing innovative and cost-effective motion control solutions for a variety of industries and motion control applications.

Arcus is leading the new era in servo intelligence with Servo 5.0 compatible motor controllers. The newest TITAN series represents the most advanced servo technology with features such as real-time servo control, open-loop constant current control for eliminating servo hunting, noise reduction through Kalman Filtering, and more.

Real-Time Closed-Loop Servo Control

The power, intelligence, and efficiency of the latest Arcus motor controllers coupled with the data and connectivity of 2ndSight Edge Analytics is the ultimate motion control solution for innovators in industrial automation, advanced robotics, and smart factories.

2ndSight is a patented motion analytics solution for monitoring motion systems in real-time, collecting and analyzing data, and making mission-critical decisions to prevent failure and downtime. Our machine learning algorithm is run on the Edge for increased efficiency and response, while the compact and simplified data can be easily shared across networks and to the cloud, in contrast to burdensome, raw motion data.

2ndSight is the best intelligent solution to meet the numerous challenges facing the automation and manufacturing market. Reliable preventative maintenance has never been more efficient, responsive, and easy to use. Learn more

Arcus offers a wide range of motion control products with various communication options for all types of motors. Single to multi-axis stepper and servo motor controllers and drivers come with different communication options including USB, Ethernet, RS485, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

From fully integrated stepper and servo motor systems to servo core modules for customized platforms for OEMs, Arcus has a motion control solution to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Contact us for a free quote or shop online for the best motor controllers, drivers, integrated stepper servo systems, servo control platforms, stepper motors, brushless servo motors, and motion control accessories. See all products here.

Arcus products and software are designed with simplicity in mind. We use an intuitive Arcus Basic-like A-Script programming language. TITAN software features multi-thread standalone programming for simultaneous control of motion and IO. Other features include charting and probing of advanced motion performance data, historical data and error logging, and easy debugging using breakpoints and single-stepping.

Multi-thread Standalone Programming

The effortless setup and configuration, user-friendly graphical interface, and a straightforward programming language of our software programs allows for easy operation, control, analysis, and debugging. Learn More.

Our in-house support team and engineers are here to provide direct, personal assistance for all things Arcus. Receive a quick response for any of your questions, including inquiries regarding price quotes, product suggestions, and technical questions. Enjoy easy access to software programs and documentations, which are available on our downloads page or under each product page, as well as an extensive library of videos including product introductions, software guides, motor setup tutorials, and more.

About Us

We exist to bring the next generation of servo technology for industrial automation companies at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

TITAN Products

Browse our selection of motion control solutions. All of our TITAN controllers come with 2ndSight Edge Analytics.

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