How to Set Up RS485 and Ethernet Communication

Many TITAN motion controllers support RS485 and ethernet communication. With TITAN, communication with USB, RS485, or ethernet can be done simultaneously. Watch our video tutorial or read on to learn how to set up RS485 and ethernet communication to perform servo control.

RS485 Communication Tutorial

To communicate with the TITAN motion controller using RS485, power on the TITAN controller. Most Windows computers don't come with the RS485 communication port, so you'll need to use a USB to RS485 converter.

Use the USB device driver provided by your RS485 converter and confirm that the virtual COM port is working properly in the Windows device manager when it's plugged into the PC.

Open up the TITAN software and click on the communication wizard. Select the USB RS485 tab to select the COM port of the USB to RS485 converter.

Click on the check COM and confirm that the communication is working properly. If so, you should be able to open the other windows now.

If the communication is not working, check that the plus and minus 485 connections and ground pins are connected properly. If the issue persists, check the network ID and protocol by opening the protocol and ID setup screen.

When the TITAN motor controller is shipped from the factory, the default network ID should be one, with the default protocol setting third. Check again to confirm that the USB to RS485 device driver is installed and working problems.

If you still have problems, contact our support team at [email protected].

Ethernet Communication Tutorial

The ethernet communication is going to be slightly different from USB or RS485. First, confirm that your PC has an ethernet communication port either built in or through a USB to ethernet converter.

First, find our the IP address of the PC. Open the command prompt and type in the IPCONFIG command in the ethernet section. You'll be able to determine the IP address of the PC.

Next, configure the TITAN's IP address so that it's in the same address network as the PC. To configure the ethernet IP address of the TITAN, you can use the USB or RS485 communication to confirm that communication is working.

Go to the configuration screen in the ethernet section and enter the IP address of the TITAN. Using the first three numbers of the IP address of the PC enter a value that is different from the PC for the last number.

Keep this IP address handy since we'll need to use it later for the ping test and in the communication section for the gateway.

Enter the same first three numbers and one for the last, then enter the sub mask with values of 255 for the first three and zero for the last. Download the new settings, store the parameters to flash, and power cycle to tighten.

For ethernet communication between your PC and TITAN, you can use a hub or, if you're communicating one to one, a crossover ethernet cable. In our video example, we use a crossover ethernet cable.

You can see the ethernet communication activity from the blinking LEDs on the RJ45 connector.

Open up the command prompt and type a ping command with the updated IP address of the TITAN motion controller. If the IP address is set up correctly, you'll get successful ping reply messages.

Lastly, go to the communication window again and select the ethernet socket communication tab. Enter the IP address of your TITAN motion controller again and perform a communication check. Confirm that the ethernet communication method is working.

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