How to Set Up Modbus TCP Communication

First, connect the USB and confirm that the communication is working. Next, connect the ethernet communication and go to the configuration screen and set the IP address of the TITAN. Manually enter the value or use the automatic IP address generator.

Download the new settings and store to the flash and perform a power cycle for the new IP address to take effect. Before we test the Modbus TCP, confirm the IP address is set correctly and the ethernet communication is working properly using the TITAN ASCII protocol. Go back to the communication setup screen and go to the protocol and ID setup screen.

After confirming the ASCII protocol, download and skip the save to flash option since we will be changing back to the Modbus TCP later.

Now go to the ethernet communication communication screen and use the automatic IP address, which should be the same as the one set in the configuration screen.

Perform the communication check and confirm that the ethernet is working with the TITAN ASCII protocol.

After confirming the ethernet hardware is working and communicating properly, set the ethernet protocol to the Modbus TCP. Go back to the protocol and ID setup screen and set the ethernet communication protocol to Modbus TCP. Also, set the 32 bit register format as the signed Big Endian.

Now the ethernet should be communicating with the MODBUS TCP protocol.

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