How to Set Up USB Communication

Once you have your TITAN controller and software, connect the USB cable the TITAN and your PC. If this is your first time connecting the motor controller, it may take a few seconds for the USB driver to install (the USB driver should have installed when we ran the TITAN software installation file).

Open the device manager. You should see a list for ports, COM, and LPT, with a COM port for the TITAN in there. If you do not see the COM port, that means the USB virtual COM driver did not install properly. If you want to manually install the USB driver, visit our downloads page and find the links under the "USB Drivers" tab or see the USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers in the silicon labs website.

Click on the driver installation, download the latest driver, and run the installation file. Once installation is done,, you should see the COM port on the device manager.

Go back to the TITAN software and click on the "Communication" button. Select the USB 485 tab. Here, you will see all the COM ports detected from the PC. Choose the COM port of the TITAN and click the Check COM button. You should get a message confirming communication is working.

When the communication window is open, the program reads the firmware version of the TITAN. You will be able to see the firmware version here.

Close the communication screen. If the communication is working, you should be able to open and see the other windows.

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