How to Set Up a Voice Coil Motor


To set up a voice coil motor using a TITAN servo controller, connect the motor to the controller and open the TITAN software.

Enter the "Motor Database" wizard and select the voice coil motor. Enter the motor manufacturer, name, voltage, rated current, and max current in the corresponding fields. Next, fill in the values for magnet stroke distance and encoder resolution.

You should be able to see the encoder values change when you manually move the motor.

Next, move the stage to the middle and run the auto detect routine with the settings as is. First, the stage will be moved to find the direction of the motor. Before letting the parameters be detected, set the soft limits to prevent the motor from hitting the ends.

Move the motor to one end and set the position to zero. Move slightly out and set this as the negative limit. Now the electrical and mechanical parameter detections can be performed. Both will be done twice.

When the auto detection routine is completed, close the window and save the motor parameters to a motor database file.

Happy servoing!

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