Multi-ID Setup for Multi-Axis Controllers

The TITAN-MVX series is a core-based servo drive/control board that enables multi-axis control. Follow these steps to learn how to set up multiple IDs whether you're using a TITAN-2VX, TITAN-4VX, or a custom board using the TITAN-CRX-8 modules.

Before starting, confirm the USB and power connection to your TITAN control board. Open the TITAN software and navigate to the communication window. Click the "Network Multi-ID Setup" button.

Click the "Get Current ID" button and see the list of TITAN IDs on the network. Since the ID all the TITAN cores is 1, nothing will show up.

Proceed with the random ID generation method to set the individual IDs. Choose the total number of nodes to match the number of TITAN servo control cores.

Click the "Generate Random ID" button to generate random ID numbers for each TITAN core. Click the first LED box for the first ID. You can see that the LED on the TITAN core is blinking. Select a new ID to this core and click assign. Follow this same process for the remaining cores and assign the desired network IDs.

Click the "Store to Flash All" button to permantently store the new ID.

Click the "Power Cycle All" to reboot the TITAN cores.

Click the "Get Current ID" button to see the newly assigned IDs.

There are two more buttons on the bottom left. One is the "Factory Reset All" button which is used to reset al the TITAN cores to factory default as wel as reset the network ID to 1.

The "RS-485 Port 2" button will enable the RS-485 communication that is shared with the USB on the TITAN-2VX and 4VX board.

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